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Internship with SALTO Cultural Diversity Resource centre

6 novembre 2008

SALTO Cultural Diversity is currently accepting applications for an intern to assist with the concept of Intercultural Competence within international youth projects in Europe.

This will be a long term project, linking researchers and youth leaders, combining different steps such as convening a working group, organising a seminar or round table for a diversity of stakeholders, development of intercultural competence for youth leaders etc


The SALTO Cultural Diversity Resource Centre is looking to develop the concept of intercultural competence in a more concrete way. Through our work programme, our aim is to create a pool of intercultural competence and expertise within the Network that would support the engagement of trainers and university student youth leaders (working on youth work course on intercultural education) across Europe. As part of the research about intercultural competence, we will focus on developing a deeper understanding of this concept and finding a common ground, as well as to collect opinions and disseminate resources.


We are making links between the research at university level, and the implementation of the competence at grass roots (international youth projects). We are also thinking about a system to link university students of youth work across Europe. The result will be spread to youth leaders across Europe.


Expected outcomes:

  • To empower international youth work to take an active stand on intercultural matters.
  • To support youth work by giving them materials and tools to deal with hard issues.

This 6 month internship would give the opportunity to work on an international level, directly under contract to the European Commission. There would be an opportunity to gain experience within the British Council, as a worldwide cultural organisation, and to understand from the inside how the SALTO Resource Centres and their associated agencies link. The results of the intern's project will impact directly on a European-wide audience, and with a variety of international insitutions and organisations.



10th December: Deadline for applications
December: References requested, selection of intern
Beginning of 2009: Confirmation sent, arrangements made
Feb/March to 2009: Internship at SALTO
August 2009: Evaluation and follow up


Please contact the Swiss coordination office Youth for Europe in Bern. We will inform you how and where to apply for the internship and can also give you more information about
the program YOUTH IN ACTION and the role of Salto.


Contact details: Stephan.brun(at), 031 326 29 22

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